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The SENIOR SALON is dedicated to showcasing the talents of the post 9 to 5 generation. The generation who finally has time to get in touch with the right side of their brain.  The SENIOR SALON features art, music, writing, poetry, photography, creative cooking, creative fashion, and anything else that you can dream up.   Allow YOUR muse to guide you into a new creative endeavor or enhance an existing creative endeavor.

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Crazy for feeling so blue…

Lady Lee gives thanks for her mother and her singing


photo-20170327143644962Photo prompt provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

I’m crazy for feeling so lonely
I’m crazy
Crazy for feeling so blue..”

There goes my mother with her “Crazy” song, her favourite! Every time we are together and people start singing, she has to be there, too. She sings it with all the emotion one mutters, all the pain and the memories with my father. She will be eighty this year and her children and grandchildren from Canada, UK and Germany are flying to the Philippines to celebrate it with her. It’s going to be a big party and of course, she’s singing her “Crazy” song.

For: FFfAW Challenge-Week of March 28, 2017 by Priceless Joy

Also for: 52 WEEKS OF THANKFULNESS – WEEK 40 By Bernadette  So grateful that my mother is still here with us ❤


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I invite you to come and join me on this pilgrimage to change the world through thankfulness.  Perhaps if enough of us join together we can change the negative climate that exists and is overtaking our planet. Together we can move our fellow citizens of to a better, higher and finer place.

The past week found me down for the count.  My emotions were thrown into a maelstrom and I was physically brought to my knees by an infection.  I give thanks for the life I have experienced because it has taught me that “this too shall pass”.


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52 Weeks of thankfulness #8

F1 Help!

I’m thankful for the opportunity to spread thankfulness over 52 posts, as mine will definitely take longer than 52 weeks with my posting schedule!

But in all seriousness today I am thankful for a chance to rest, to relax and bring my awareness back to self and mindfulness instead of sales and scores and tasks. Today I can read, spend time with my dog and my partner, eat when I’m hungry, nap, shop, whatever I want! This is going to be great. I hope the same for you, if not today then in the near future.

Join the 52 Weeks of Thankfulness prompt atHaddon Musings.

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Thankfulness Mondays – The Other Half of the Coming Move

I have been sick and haven’t written my post this week but I am thankful for the Diane’s post.


Well, I can’t believe it’s week 40 of (52)  posting with Bernadette of Haddon Musings,and others, for things we are thankful for in our lives, to offset negative things that happen around us.

Today I am very thankful, that our house sold last week. We were prepared that it might take a while to sell, and that the first offer would most likely be quite a bit less than we were asking. We also thought about the fact, that when we previously sold, often the buyers would have conditions on their offer such as financing, or possibly having a house themselves to sell.

As I have previously written about, we have moved an unbelievable 13 times, for various reasons. Some of the moves when our children were in school, we kept in the same area so they wouldn’t have to change schools.

Anyway, we had all of these thoughts…

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52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 39

Watching the Daisies


Fibromyalgia makes driving long distances a challenge for me; I am comfortable on short drives around home, but anything beyond that requires careful planning and extra rest, both before, during and after the journey.

Last week, an unexpected funeral around 60 miles away, took me out of my driving comfort zone.

However, I decided I was going to enjoy the journey regardless, as it would take me past some spectacular scenery -through the village of Dunlewey, The Poison Glen, and the foot of Errigal Mountain, then on through Glenveagh National Park where I once tended The Gardens of Glenveagh Castle.


The village of Dunlewey


The Poison Glen


Glenveagh National Park

I stopped off for a while in the city of Letterkenny, voted Ireland’s tidiest town in 2015. The spring flower beds looked amazing.

In early afternoon, I attended a simple yet beautiful funeral service for a kind, gentle soul. The sun shone brightly, and he was buried under a sea of…

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When the terrorist attack came I was in Atlanta on business.  The city shut down in a mess of fear and confusion.  The next day the Peabody started to clean up the glass and cover up the gaping holes.  The injured and the dead were removed.  Everyone noted a strange smell.  It had a dry, moldy scent reminiscent of Spanish Moss gone rotten.   No one could identify its source.

A few days later the evening news reported an increase in the amount of Spanish Moss on the trees and that it had taken hold on the ground and was strangling everything in its path.  Within a week the Spanish Moss had become an epidemic.  It was strangling all greenery and fowling waterways.  It spread in a frighteningly mechanical manner from state to state.  Despite global bans on travel and close inspection, it somehow attached itself to travelers and became a world wide problem.

Food and water became scarce and eventually bedlam ensued with killing and pillaging and hoarding the order of the day.

My time on this planet started to draw to a close.  So I set out on foot to home, South Carolina.  I determined to see if anyone was still alive on Daufuskie.

And this is what I found – the tragic beauty and remnants of a carefree time when people sat on the beach and brought baskets filled with fried chicken and lemonade.  The moss was making its inexorable approach and nothing would stop it.

This is written in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt,