I invite you to come and join me on this pilgrimage to change the world through thankfulness.  Perhaps if enough of us join together we can change the negative climate that exists and is overtaking our planet. Together we can move our fellow citizens of to a better, higher and finer place.

This past week found me thinking about many, many issues dealing with women’s rights.  A lot of this musing, of course, was provoked by the Women’s March on Washington.  I was out to dinner a few nights before the March and the whole validity of the March was challenged because of one unsubstantiated allegation of non inclusiveness.  As I started to defend the importance of the March, my husband eloquently sprung to its defense and the need for women’s rights to be brought to forefront of our nation’s leaders.  I am so thankful for the support of my husband, Dom.

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Dreams Enabled


 Clouds of dreams we wince

Ourselves we must convince

Aspects of life our perception

Subject to whose interpretation?

Still, for our minds to receive

Indubiously we must believe

Dreams our mind must enable

If only to proclaim a fable



The Writer’s Quote Challenge is a weekly blogging event. Either make up your own sayings or use a quote from a famous author that you find gives you inspiration. Each Thursday, the hostesses will post the prompt and all you have to do is participate.


The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking-Robert H Schuller

Cheers! ☕️ 🍵


Credits: http://www.lovethispic.com/image/134094/box-of-dreams

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Lantern #writephoto


Scheherezade looked at the street lantern and knew it was time to leave for the King’s chamber.  A thousand nights had passsed and thousand tales had been told.  But tonight she could think of nothing – nothing but the love she had developed for the King.  Would that be enough to save her life?  Or would she become a forgotten tale?  Only time would tell.


This is written in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, https://scvincent.com/2017/01/19/thursday-photo-prompt-LANTERNwritephoto


With Monday being the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr/’s life and accomplishments, I decided to go back and refresh my memory about his wife and co-worker in the struggle for racial equality CORETTA SCOTT KING.

What follows is an excerpt from her obituary in the New York Times:

“She was a woman born to struggle,” Mr. Young said, “and she has struggled and she has overcome.”

Mrs. King rose from rural poverty in Heiberger, Ala., to become an international symbol of the civil rights revolution of the 1960’s and a tireless advocate for social and political issues ranging from women’s rights to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa that followed in its wake.

She was studying music at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston in 1952 when she met a young graduate student in philosophy, who on their first date told her: “The four things that I look for in a wife are character, personality, intelligence and beauty. And you have them all.” A year later, she and Dr. King, then a young minister from a prominent Atlanta family, were married, beginning a remarkable partnership that ended with his assassination in Memphis on April 4, 1968.

Mrs. King did not hesitate to pick up his mantle, marching, even before her husband was buried, at the head of the striking garbage workers that he had gone to Memphis to champion. She then went on to lead the effort for a national holiday in his honor and to found the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Change in Atlanta, dedicated both to scholarship and to activism, where Dr. King is buried.

Mrs. King has been seen as an inspirational figure around the world, a tireless advocate for her husband’s causes and a woman of enormous spiritual depth who came to personify the ideals Dr. King fought for.

“She’ll be remembered as a strong woman whose grace and dignity held up the image of her husband as a man of peace, of racial justice, of fairness,” said the Rev. Joseph Lowery, who helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Dr. King and then served as its president for 20 years.

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Prompt – Writers Quote Challenge

A fantastic quote from Jacqueline. Come and Join the fun.

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Bernadette,Joan, and I invite you to join in on our blogging event called The Writer’s Quote Challenge.  We are looking for one more host/hostess to join in the fun.  So if you would like to pick up the challenge of hosting, just let one of us know.invitation-shel-silverstein

For this week’s prompt, here’s my offering:

The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking. Robert H Schuller

Never let the sun set on those dreams

even in the twilight of your days,

rather, let the moon shine on them,

casting them into beautiful pearls;

for your vintage collection.

I had a conversation last week with a friend who’s clocking 50 next month and during our talk, she expressed some disappointment for not having pursued her academics a bit further.

Now she just feels that she’s too old (especially back home in Nigeria) where she laughingly said…

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For Tranquility…

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Tranquility, Peace, Harmony, Island, Life, Quotes, Inspiration

Day by day I learn to see that new every morning is the Lord. My waking and uprising proof, for through sleep and darkness I’ve been safely brought and restored to life, to power and thought.

I woke up this morning with a sense of tranquility that I can’t even explain – not as if I’ve won that lottery yet. Not as if I don’t have many perturbing issues plaguing me, not as if there are not enough things to worry about in the World, yet I have tranquility.

I made up my mind that my days are far too precious to waste sweating all the small and random stuff. I chose to leave as many dramas as possible behind and get on with living a life, for my life is meant to be lived and not endured.

I choose to be thankful for everything even when there seems to be…

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52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 30

Watching the Daisies


Loch Chonaill Railway Walk

Today, I am incredibly thankful to tentatively resume my regular walks; I ventured out in a temperature of 11 degrees – above average for the month of January.

The Lough Chonaill Railway Walk is just over a mile from my home, and covers 1.1 km of the route which The Lough Swilly Railway Company, used to transport fish and other goods from the village of Burtonport to the city of Derry, from 1903 to 1940.


The shores of Loch Chonaill

Being a watery Piscean, I love walking alongside water, and this walk certainly lifted my spirits with an abundance of beautiful subjects to photograph.


 Shadows on the Water


Abstract Patterns


Rock Formations 


Gorse Flowering along the Path


The Far End of the Lough


The Journey Back

I soo enjoyed getting outside, and hope the mild weather continues…

If you wish to participate in Bernadette’s weekly writing prompt “52 Weeks of…

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We have walked our paths a long time and have a lot to offer. Come and reveal your artistic vision.

The SENIOR SALON is dedicated to showcasing the talents of the post 9 to 5 generation. The generation who finally has time to get in touch with the right side of their brain.  The SENIOR SALON features art, music, writing, poetry, photography, creative cooking, creative fashion, and anything else that you can dream up.   Allow YOUR muse to guide you into a new creative endeavor or enhance an existing creative endeavor.

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