Every Tuesday Two Writing Teachers provide an opportunity  to share your writing.
Every Tuesday Two Writing Teachers provide an opportunity to share your writing.

the ability to do something that frightens one,
strength in the face of pain or grief.

Courage is the word that seems to have woven itself into my week.

On Sunday I had delightful visit to Storybook Land with Dom and our grandchildren.  Storybook Land is a park with rides based on Mother Goose Tales.  We came upon Mary’s Little Lamb and my granddaughter, Maya, wanted to feed the lamb but was terrified.  We stood quite some time showing her and encouraging her but every time the lamb got close to her hand she dropped the food.  Well, soon Lucas, our grandson, tired of this, and off we went to explore more things to do in the park.

Toward the end of the visit Maya requested one more visit with the lamb.  We went back and purchased more food and it was a completely different Maya.  This little girl very bravely put her hand out and fed the lamb.  Oh, such raucous laughter erupted from her when the lamb’s tongue hit her palm.  You could see the visible difference the feeling of pride in overcoming her fear had made in her demeanor.  She stood somehow straighter and had a bounce in her step.  And, of course being a three year old girl, proceeded to instruct everyone else in the etiquette of feeding the lamb.

I wish my second story was so happy.  My dear friend that I wrote about is not doing well.  As I am writing this she is fighting for her life.  There is not much anyone can do for her husband and children at a time like this.  When it is your turn to walk the path of tragedy, your friends can only stand on the side and offer words of encouraging love, but they cannot walk the path for you.

I have been standing on the side of the path and trying to find the words to help my friend’s daughter stay courageous in the face of this unfathomable tragedy.  I so much pray that the meager wisdom I have to offer her is somehow helping, because not only does my heart break for her, but this may be the last thing I can do for my well loved friend while she is alive.

brave woman