Maybe Spring Is Going To Come?

In our little section of Southern New Jersey, we have suffered through enough Polar Vortexes, snow, wintery mixes and ice to last us all a lifetime.


Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The roads and the car washes were filled with people with smiles on their faces.


But I couldn’t help but feel a little sad about the winter weather coming to a close.  After all, how united did we all feel as we went out to do battle.  Our tribe came together at the Shop Rite to buy milk and bread.  We united at Home Depot in the hunt for the last existing bag of salt.  And it gave us endless opportunity for conversation about our mutual dislike of the winter weather.  After all according to Teddy Roosevelt “Nothing unites a people like a common enemy”.

Well, I guess we will all have to find unity in the number of colossal potholes that threaten our cars.

Enjoy your first week of daylight savings time,