Every Tuesday Two Writing Teachers provide an opportunity to share your writing.
Every Tuesday Two Writing Teachers provide an opportunity to share your writing.

My dear friend has had brain surgery and I finally was able to visit her this week.  It broke my heart to see such a strong, vibrant person so helpless and dependent on other people.

We sat and we talked and we joked and sternly told each other that we would not make each other cry.  But, of course, this is a very dear intimate friend and this farce could only last so long.

Finally she said to me, Bern, I don’t understand why so many things have happened to us since we were young.  I had to say that I honestly didn’t understand either why there have been so many rough events for us. We never expected any of them.  We were young and excited and fearless about life and we were sure life would fulfill all our expectations for happiness.  What to say?

And then I remembered the homily about the quilt –


I was at a service one time and the minister was speaking about how life an enormous amount of the time just doesn’t make any sense or have any rhyme or reason.  He compared life to a quilt.  He said when you looked at the underside of a quilt you saw loads of knots and loose strings and none of them formed any kind of pattern.  But when you turned the quilt over all those strings and knots formed a pattern that led to beauty.

We discussed the idea that especially that day we were looking at the underside of the quilt and seeing all the knots and just had to trust that some beauty was in the design.  And perhaps part of the beauty of the day was the affirmation of our love for each other.

Sending you more beauty than knots,