This past Saturday to paraphrase Nat King Cole, I was walking along minding my business,  when WHAM, BAM, ALLAKAZAM, out of the blue came a flying case box filled with whiskey which struck me on the side of my face and my shoulder.


In this picture just substitute a case of whiskey for the ball.

The whole episode was so random and at the same time amazingly informative how my brain reacts in a crisis.  To back track a little, I was in the wine store to purchase some alcohol to make strawberry cello because I had purchased more strawberries at the farmer’s market than I could use to make jam.

As I proceeded down the aisle, out of the corner of my eye I saw a box headed directly for my head.  I immediately thought, “I am going to get struck by that box”.  The box made contact with the right side of my head.  Next thought, “Alright, I am still standing so I must be ok”.  Third thought, “Oh no, I am going to fall on the floor”.   I then fell onto the floor crashing into the display of whiskey to my left.

After everything was done, (EMT’s, ER, CAT Scans, X-rays, etc), later that evening, I remembered the above sequence of thoughts.  They could only have been seconds apart but were so calm and observant.  Maybe this is how Newton discovered gravity.


Anyway, I am just ok.  Maybe a fractured shoulder and what seems to be a mild concussion.

And the conclusion of this story is after living 66 years and having experienced so many happy and frightening experiences, it is still shocking to me how very random life is.  I suppose I need to keep being shocked by the randomness or I would become an agoraphobic.

Wishing your pleasant surprises this week,