Wendy surveyed the room.  Her eyes wandered fondly over the toys.  Wendy had kept the room just as it was when Peter would visit and such merry times abounded.  John Darling would ride the horse and swing his sword leading the charge to Hook’s pirate ship.  Little Michael would toddle behind pushing his horse crying out for the Lost Boys to join the battle.  Wendy’s dolls wait patiently in their sweet bassinet for Peter’s return.  They  longed for Tinker Bell to once again sprinkle fairy dust and so they could magically take to the air and fly.  And there on the wall is the clock.  The keeper of that enchanted time stopped and never chimed again the day we Darling children decided to grow up.

Oh to return to Neverland once more is Wendy’s secret wish.  But she knows that it is not to be.  She is an old woman now with grandchildren.  But she muses, if the grandchildren come for a visit and sleep in her old rooms, maybe just maybe…..

This is written in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt,