Maya’s Big Adventure

Yesterday, my husband and I flew home from Florida accompanied by our 9 month old granddaughter.  It has been a long time since we did this parenthood thing.  We were, and are, both a nervous wreck about taking on this responsibility for a few months.

Talk about helicopter parents, you haven’t seen anything until you saw us yesterday.  Starting with the car seat – is it in safely, is she belted in safely, maybe she is belted in too tight….

On to the stroller, how does the car seat come out of it, how does it fold up, how does it unfold, how on earth do these belts and buckles work.  Doesn’t the manufacturer realize I have arthritis in my hands?????

Ok, we got to the car rental place.  Yikes, we have to put the stroller on the shuttle.  Onto the shuttle with the help of the driver who is a grandpa.  Uh oh, it takes up the whole aisle and we aren’t the first stop.  Ok, the airport at last.

What do you mean there is a two hour delay?  Birds flew into the plane engine.  Oh boy, this is going to be a long day.

How does the top of this container twist off??  I guess they don’t expect arthritic fingers to twist and snap.  Those onesies are very cute but those snaps, oh my.  It is enough to make MeMe use language that is unsuitable for young ears.

Plane at last.  Oh no again, the car seat doesn’t fit in the plane seat.  Maya gets to sit like a big girl with the gigantic seat belt around her waist.  MeMe and Pop Pop discover the best toy ever is a half empty water bottle (go figure).

New Jersey at last.  Soon to be home to meet the rest of the waiting family.  Oh no, sound asleep in the car at 7 PM.  I wonder what the night is going to be like?


Here I am in New Jersey.  MeMe hasn’t got the hang of the clothes yet.

Guess what, we made it through the night with no problems and on are on to day two.

Wish us luck,