Every Tuesday Two Writing Teachers provide an opportunity to share your writing.
Every Tuesday Two Writing Teachers provide an opportunity to share your writing.

How many of you remember the Brady Bunch and their lovable, wise cracking, full of wisdom housekeeper, Alice?


For well over 20 years I had my own personal Alice.  Her name was Dodie.  Just like Alice, Dodie was loved by everyone who encountered her.  My children adored her, my husband thought she was the best thing to happen to our household since sliced bread,  and she made me the envy of my friends.

Dodie only worked for us because she liked us and she loved our dog.  I had the only housekeeper whose husband was the President of a Country Club!  She loved to babysit and will always be remembered by our family for her happy hour.  She would make herself a vodka and grapefruit juice using the cheapest vodka possible despite Dom always buying her something a bit more drinkable.  She would eat sardines on Ritz crackers much to Dom’s despair because he couldn’t stand the smell of the canned sardines.  And she would watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.  Her wise cracks while watching these programs were so entertaining that we all looked forward to sitting next to her and watching the shows with her.

Whenever anything would go wrong, and believe me things could go very wrong with the Laganella Bunch, she staunchly supported us, wiped my tears, and offered wise words of encouragement.

It’s funny Dodie and the actress who portrayed Alice both died this year.  I know that with Dodie’s passing a very special chapter in my life has closed. That time in my life will always be remembered with a smile and a wish to go back and relive those days if only for a single day.

Hope a Dodie enters your life,