Molly Shares A Post About Another Everyday Hero.

Does everything happen for a reason?

I’ve started three blog posts today, and they all ended up in the electronic trash. Sometimes being shallow is painful. I have something serious to write about, and I just can’t do it.

Beautiful young woman with cocktail looking through a restaurant window.

Photo courtesy depositphotos, used with permission

When I try to write on a long-faced subject, I get so bored with my own writing that I drift off to sleep while typing. And that can be dangerous, since last week I fell out of my chair and bumped my head.

Maybe I could label my sober scribbles the ‘melatonin series’ if I ever actually publish this hypnotic dribble.

I’ve been a little down lately with some worries troubling me: job insecurity prompted me to cancel my bimonthly online clothing order from Stitch Fix; I don’t like the latest IOS update that slowed down my iMac to the speed of dial-up; and I’ve had a case of writer’s block with dozens of posts in the draft folder and no inspiration to finish them.

Why can’t I overcome these mental obstacles?

The weather is getting colder and the fallen leaves are a nuisance, blowing into the garage and winding their way into the house. I shiver at the thought of the upcoming winter with blustery cold nor’eastern winds and storms, burying us in snow and bringing below zero temperatures.

Why can’t I live somewhere warmer?

I’m getting more and more involved with writing and the blogging community, and have had essays published in several online magazines/websites. My self-doubts seem to grow along with my outreach.

Why can’t I just celebrate and claim some success?

I wish I could write as well as Peg Schulte. She is such a talented humor writer that she can even write about death and make me laugh. And cry. I hope you will click on this linked post and read it, since it is so much better than what I am writing right now: Magic Carpet Ride.

Why can’t I write as well as she does?

Life is just not fair.

How many times have I said this?

And suddenly it hit me; if life was fair we’d all have cancer. Like my beloved cousin Colleen, who died last week.

She lived a healthy lifestyle, possessing none of the habits/vices we associate with early deaths or cancer.

I remember when my sister Linda was dying of lung cancer, people would ask me, “Does she smoke?” When I replied, “No, but she did for many years,” I could see the visible relief come across their faces. Ahhhhh, she smoked. So surely that explains her situation, and exempts me, the non-smoker, from such a fate.

Why do we still think people are to blame for their illnesses?

The Teacher summed up divine fairness when he said in Matthew 5:45 that God causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. In this same chapter He promises comfort: Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Is it possible everything does NOT happen for a reason?

Meanwhile, I still have some things on my mind; gratitude for my health and family, the snug little home I live in, and the ability to write and admire the work of writers who inspire me to improve and grow.

Rest in peace, dear cousin.

Colleen in garden

She left us too soon, and without any reason.

About Bernadette

I live in the small town of Haddonfield, NJ. I am at an age in my life when I seem to spend time thinking and musing about life. These musings are usually stimulated by my walks through Haddonfield, my reading of books and fellow bloggers, and my interaction with my group of fabulous family and friends.

23 Responses

      1. Thank you for the bloggy shout-out, Molly and Bernadette, and for your kind words.

        I am so sorry for your loss, Molly. I’m with you about “everything happens for a reason” – it’s scant comfort, even if turns out to be true. I guess none of us will get to know in this lifetime why bad things happen to good people.

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  1. Bernadette, no wonder you can’t concentrate on writing posts and find fault where there is none. With so much loss you need time … don’t try to push against this. I’m with you in the trying to blame for cancer…it just is. Unrelenting and soon one in two will be affected – frightening figures. Hugs, my friend! Take care of yourself and hope the weather improves soon. Xxx

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    1. I had a long stretch of losses and in 2017 did not suffer any major ones, but Bernadette’s most recent loss reminded me of this post I wrote about my cousins. I hate it when people say, “Everything happens for a reason.” I don’t think it does and that was the point I wanted to make in this post. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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    1. At any given time there are always those who are grieving, Bette. I am grateful I am not in the throes of acute grief today, but Bernadette’s loss of her dear friend reminded me of the loss of my cousin. Too soon and without any reason.


      1. I have yet to leave a comment on your actual post but what I want to say is this. I am so dreadfully sorry. For you. For the rest of your family. For those that relied on her, for those that cherished her, for those whose lives entwined with hers. She was far too young. And try as I might. I just don’t understand. I just feel enveloping sadness for the loss of a good life and the mourners left desolate behind. Go softly Molly. Go softly all of you x

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  2. Such a beautiful and touching piece of writing. I think your writing muse was sitting on the corner of your desk after all, Molly. It seems that in addition to humor you can write with profound wisdom and heart. I’m so sorry for the losses in your life. ❤
    Thanks for sharing, Bernadette. ❤

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