I am participating in Gratitude Week 2017 which is hosted by the very lovely Michelle at  It is for one week and open to anyone.

This was Michelle’s prompt this morning:

When I count my blessings, I count you twice.
~Irish Traditional Proverb~

I think every grandmother counts her grandchildren as a very rare and special blessing in her life.  Grandchildren are the jewels in the crown of  a loving family.

But, I am especially grateful today for my grandson, Lucas.  Yesterday afternoon found me welcoming sadness back into my life.  I had received news about the health of a very loved friend and that news left me emotionally devastated.

But a little bit later, the phone rang and it was Lucas.  I had sent Lucas the latest installment of the Wimpy Kid series and he was over the moon excited to receive it.  He couldn’t wait to dive into it and start reading. He laughed his magical laugh and described in detail how funny the illustration was on the back cover.   I couldn’t help but smile and get caught up his enthusiasm and to be so very grateful to share a love of reading with my grandchild.