Compassion for why I hurry … and freedom to take all the time we need

A very thoughtful post on being thankful for the lessons the Universe gives us an opportunity to learn.

Your Creative Journal

“Slow down” are two words that I’ve felt right into my kneecaps this week. I felt a lot of hurt. And growth. And I’m so thankful and excited about that.

I heard the message “slow down” from three different people, in three different ways.

I’m celebrating the beginnings of being able to hear “slow down” not as a criticism or a demand – but as a gift of open-hearted compassion and empowered choice.

Hearing wisdom, waist high

Since she could walk and talk, my daughter has been teaching me to move calmly. When she was smaller and my legs were moving faster than hers around a shopping centre or getting to and from school, she’d say: “slow down, mum!”.

I remember feeling a mix of shame and frustration. Frustration because I wanted to get where we were going faster. And shame because I told myself I “should” be a kinder…

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About Bernadette

I live in the small town of Haddonfield, NJ. I am at an age in my life when I seem to spend time thinking and musing about life. These musings are usually stimulated by my walks through Haddonfield, my reading of books and fellow bloggers, and my interaction with my group of fabulous family and friends.

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  1. I answered a question on a blog “what would you change about the way you interact with others if you could” it made me think hard and i was ashamed to say i am in such a hurry to help or make that person os persons happy… I don’t listen hard enough. So as a talker, a lover of words a happy bubbly person who wants everyone to feel happy too, I strive to slow down to be a better me. 😯😕😢 Thank you for enforcing the point and enjoy your course Bernadette.



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