A Christmas Present #WRITEPHOTO


It was Paloma’s first Christmas when the Enchantress came to visit.  It was a great honor to have her come to our humble home but very frightening.  What could she possibly want with our dear, sweet baby?

You have given this child a name that befits her, she said with the most seraphic voice. Paloma has been charged with a mission since before birth.  You have been granted the privilege of keeping her safe until she reaches womanhood and can fulfill her mission.

This small package is all that Paloma will need to fulfill her task.  On the Christmas of her 20th year hang it on the tree for her to open.

Paloma has grown in beauty and wisdom these past 20 years.  She is loved by us and all of our village and returns that love abundantly.

Nineteen Christmas mornings have passed. Today is twenty and we wait with excited trepidation for Paloma to unwrap the small package.  She carefully unties the untarnished silvered ribbon and unfolds the still bright gold paper.  Inside is a tiny book covered in a very soft material.  On the front of the book is a strange symbol and we wonder about its meaning.peace

When Paloma open the book and we are dazzled by light.  The voice of the Enchantress can be heard and she says these words,  “Each Christmas the Universe gives us a child of peace.  You are one of those chosen children.  Today is the day for you to set out and spread the message of peace to people everywhere.”

This is written in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, https://scvincent.com/2016/12/15/thursday-photo-prompt-christmas-present/writephoto

About Bernadette

I live in the small town of Haddonfield, NJ. I am at an age in my life when I seem to spend time thinking and musing about life. These musings are usually stimulated by my walks through Haddonfield, my reading of books and fellow bloggers, and my interaction with my group of fabulous family and friends.

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