#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “UNITY”




Once upon a time the goddess Democracy gave birth to a little country and named her Us.  Us was the union of many diverse parts that became one.  Us was united under the beautiful mantle of Democracy.

Us was a magnificent child and grew stronger and lovelier every year.  Unfortunately, as a young teen she developed a terrible illness that almost killed her.  Us had decided to be selfish with Democracy’s gifts and said they was not to be for everyone.  This illness pulled Us apart and almost killed her.

But a wise leader came to heal Us.  Us became healthy once more and continued to grow in the beauty that Democracy imbued.

As Us grew older she sometimes remembered imperfectly the lessons from her illness but she continued to welcome many varieties of people to become united and share the mantle of Democracy.  Us suffered the pains and tumult of adolescence but kept striving to offer unity under Democracy to all of those who asked.  Us looked beyond herself and saw other countries in danger of losing their freedom and peace.  She became a leader and shouldered the burden of helping others.

Democracy loved her child very much.  She showered Us with great leaders who helped keep all of her citizens united under the principals of Democracy.

Us has grown older and has weathered many storms.  She wears the wrinkles that come from experience.  She is thankful to Democracy for protecting her as a child and keeping her united.

But Us is growing tired and looking for a great leader that will reinvigorate her and bring unity.  She cries out to Democracy’s children to stay strong and united.  For this too shall pass.

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